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Impact Networking hosts and attends events such as Impact Optimize throughout the year to provide education on our services, network with other business professionals and participate in community and sponsorship efforts.

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Coffee with Impact: Remote Work Series

Episode 9: Embrace Change Through Digital Innovation

Thursday, May 28th @11:00 am CST 

Businesses must adapt and innovate their processes to overcome crises, and technology is the key to adaptability for any business. Impact has years of experience leveraging tools ranging from business intelligence to low-code platforms, process automation technologies, and much more.

With this experience in mind, Frank DeGeorge, Chief Technology Officer, and Alex Kusters, Sales Manager and Partner, will explore big questions like why digital innovation is especially important during critical times and what it means to be a truly agile business. Join them for the webinar to learn how businesses can prepare for unexpected changes in the future.

Impact Optimize 2019: Digital Transformation for Growing Companies
Navy Pier was filled with 1,000 professionals, thought leaders and more from across the Chicagoland area, with the goal of discussing all things digital transformation. The event is over, but you can still access highlights, resources, interviews and other day-of materials.

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Past Events

Coffee with Impact: Remote Work Series

Episode 8: Simplify Digital Transformation Initiatives with Low Code

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Software development has been a necessity for many businesses for years, but full-stack app development has always had its drawbacks; principally because it’s a time-consuming and costly endeavor for SMBs. Low-code has been the answer for many; a visual development tool that relies less on traditional DevOps and is capable of delivering software significantly quicker.

Join Jon Evans, Director of Solutions Architecture, and Doug Green, Strategic Services Sales Manager as they talk about everything to do with rapid app development, from ideation to the final product.


Coffee with Impact: Remote Work Series

Episode 7: Providing Support Services During Critical Times

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With your employees OOO, it can be extremely difficult for business leaders to have an extensive overview of their operations, meaning decision-making is significantly harder. How can a cloud ERP help in these times? And how can you leverage your data through an ERP to give you the insight and knowledge to be the most effective decision-maker possible? Join Mark Sengstock, Director of Enterprise Solutions, and Caitlin Pace, Business Development Specialist, as they walk you through the ins and outs of a cloud ERP.

Coffee with Impact: Remote Work Series

Episode 6: Bridging Communication & Technology Through Project Management

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As businesses transition to remote work, many companies are struggling to implement solutions on time, with just 40% of projects meeting their goals on schedule, budget, and quality. Impact has been working with clients on their technology implementations for years, offering them total visibility and professional management of projects.

Watch this webinar hosted by Alex Park, Director of Project Management, and Kyle Pace, Implementation Manager, and they will walk you through the ins and outs of project management. Watch it now and learn how to make a success of your business projects by bridging technology and communication.

Coffee with Impact: Remote Work Series

Episode 5: Future-Proof Your Business with Cloud ERP 

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The current crisis has put thousands of businesses on the back foot, with many of them unable to provide the support services to their customers and employees they need to. At Impact, we work with businesses to help them address their technology shortfalls and help them strategize so that, in times of crisis, they can weather any storm.

Join Ed Meier, Director of Support Services, and Saul Corwine, Director of MIT Service Delivery, as they discuss the standards and procedures that allow any organization to take unforeseen events head-on.

Coffee with Impact: Remote Work Series

Episode 4: Marketing in Times of Uncertainty 

Watch on-demand  

Hosted by Jamie Judkins, VP of Sales, ES99, and Stacie Thompson VP/Director of Creative, ES99.

In this webinar, our marketing experts talked about the changes they’ve seen in their own environments, the challenges/pain points their clients are facing and what businesses should be doing to target constituents remotely.

Coffee with Impact: Remote Work Series

Episode 3: Securing Remote Workers: Attacker & Defender Perspectives 

Watch on-demand 

Hosted by Jeff Leder, Director of MIT Security Services, Luke Donald, Cybersecurity Engineer and Eric Serrano, VCISO.

In this webinar our hosts discussed today’s cyber threat landscape from the perspective of the attacker and the defender.  

Coffee with Impact: Remote Work Series

Episode 2: Business Continuity & BDR – An Executive Decision

Watch on-demand

Hosted by Ray Santoro, Director of MIT Business Development and Erick Olea, Director of MIT Operations.

In this webinar we discuss business continuity and the importance of defining a plan in the first place, and backup and disaster recovery as it relates to remote work. 

Coffee with Impact: Remote Work Series

Episode 1: Collaboration From Anywhere 

Watch live on-demand!

Due to COVID-19, businesses all around the world are getting to grips with what it means to have a remote workforce.

Do you have the tools and capabilities at your disposal to ensure a smooth transition? This is the question many SMBs are currently asking themselves, and that’s what will be answered in this webinar, the first in a series exploring the best methods to prepare your remote workforce for success.

Hosted by Patrick Layton, Vice President of Managed IT Services, and Dan Alfaro, Managed IT Operations Manager.

In this webinar we cover remote work and collaboration tools including virtual desktops, VPNs, productivity suites and collaboration tools.

#impactLIVE Webinar

Why Partner with an MSP for IT?

Hosted by Patrick Layton and Ray Santoro, Vice President and Director of Business Development for Impact’s Managed IT Services, this webinar will explore why so many growing companies turn to managed service providers (MSPs) to assess how they’re doing and serve as partners in managing their technical needs.

Frank DeGeorge presenting at Impact Optimize 2019

#impactLIVE Webinar

Digital Transformation Roadmap: Preparing for Success in a Modern Business Landscape
with Chief Technology Officer Frank DeGeorge

Learn more about digital transformation and how to keep your business competitive and agile.

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Impact Optimize

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Everyday ways to give back. Our employees take pride in supporting the communities around them and giving back to those in need by volunteering their time and efforts throughout the year.

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